What’s this 3G thing that we keep hearing about and does your phone need it to work with mobile gambling software?

Simply put, 3G is a name for the way your phone talks to the internet, and no, it isn’t necessary to have it to gamble on your mobile — although it does help.

3G, as suggested by the name, is the 3rd generation in mobile technology. It followed 1G and 2G stages which have been developing since the 70s. With 3G you get better and faster connections to the internet and therefore better multimedia. 3G brings us into an age where the mobile phone can be used just as effectively as your PC.

At the moment in the UK we have a mixture of 2nd and 3rd generation technology. But sooner or later 2G will fade and we’ll be immersed in a 3rd Generation of technology eagerly awaiting 4G. In terms of mobile gambling, it will mean that games will get closer to a real casino gambling experience with more real-time, enthralling, multiplayer games.

Your phone may already be 3G enabled, in which case you’re ready to experience the best that the mobile casinos and mobile bookies have to offer. If not, don’t worry, all applications will still work great with older technologies like 2G.

We are yet to see mobile gambling games that fully utilise 3G technology. Some of the best looking games come from LadyLuck’s Mobile Bingo, Aces Royal Poker and Ladbrokes Mobile.