The world of Mobile Phone Gambling moves so fast that even the team at has trouble keeping up! When we had the idea of launching a site dedicated to mobile phone gambling we were inspired by the idea of playing a simple game of slots on your mobile phone for real cash prizes.

Just that very idea of being able to get the real thrill of gambling through your mobile appealed to us. As we delved deeper into the industry we were surprised to find many more hidden gems waiting to be discovered through your mobile phone. So back to the question, what is mobile phone gambling?

The 5 Areas Of Mobile Phone Gambling

  • Mobile Casino Games – This is where all of the variety and creative game designs are, lots of different casino style games to play on your mobile. The simplest and most common are slots games, you’ll find a couple of slots games at every mobile phone casino. Some mobile casinos have great card games and there’s even a real multi-player poker room available.
  • Mobile Phone Bingo – The game of Bingo is played by millions of Brits every week and has undergone a massive image change in recent years, making it more fun for all age groups. A select few creative and innovative companies have managed to capture the magic of real bingo and brought it to your mobile phone. You can play for pennies, big jackpots, chat with other players and there’s a fresh new mobile bingo draw every 2 minutes.
  • Arcade Games – Play graphic rich creative games for cash prizes and have fun at the same time. Some of the games are fun remakes of slots games and some are totally original like Crazy Camels and Jumping JackCash.
  • Mobile Phone Betting – Another relatively undeveloped area is placing bets on your favourite sports events on your mobile. No need to get down to the bookies to put a bet on Turkmenistan to win against England in the Euro 2008 qualifiers.
  • Live Betting On Your Mobile – Heard of live betting yet? It’s really great. Live betting lets you place a bet during an actual sports event, so you can be watching the F.A. Cup final and place a bet after 15 minutes of play, or in the last 10, minutes. Mobile phone live betting is a sure-fire way to turn any old sports event into the biggest thrill of your life.

We will cover all of these great new mobile phone gambling services over the next few days, weeks and months. If you have anything to say about this article or would like to contribute to our summery of mobile phone gambling in the UK then please leave a comment below.

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