We know most of our readers are yet to make the plunge into the world of  mobile phone casinos, and those of you that are thinking of it probably don’t know what to expect.
Mobile Casino Games
Your very own private mobile phone casino is always ready when you are, just a few button pushes away but what kind of games can you play at a mobile casino?

Mobile Slots To Last A Lifetime

Every mobile casino we have seen so far has its own range of slots games, some have the basic 3 payline fruit machine and maybe 1 or 2 variations but many other mobile casinos have special themed games with up to fifteen paylines.

Wild Jack Mobile Casino has a great slots game with 75 coins and 15 paylines called Tomb Raider. It has great detailed graphics and is big enough to keep you entertained for a while.

WinAsUGo has Football Slots which is a great 3 reel soccer themed slots game, look out for rows of red cards, footballs and world cups.

If mobile slots is what you are looking for then try Slotland Mobile.

Mobile Poker Games

Not every mobile casino manages to capture the right mood with their poker based games, but then a lot of them do. You can play a very wide range of poker games on your mobile phone, we would suggest starting simple with a game of Video Poker at LadyLucks Mobile Casino. You can win a whopping 250 times your stake!

If you are ready to play with the big boys then what about entering a real live poker game against 5 other players using your mobile phone? The Aces Royal Mobile Poker room is the only mobile poker game that put you up against real live poker players.

There’s a lot more to say about mobile casino games, part 2 to follow.