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Casino slot machines are random devices that are programmed to turn up random results each time a player pulls the handle.

The way to win on the slot machines is to know that each slot machine is usually programmed to pay out 83% to 99% of the money that is put into it and all you need to do is figure out which machines are paying and which ones are not.

Winning on the casino slot machines is all a matter of patience and watching the machines to see which ones appear to be paying out over a particular period of time. Take some time to watch a particular bank of machines and then note which ones are consistently paying out and which ones have not been paying out for a while and then follow your instincts.

Remember that at some point they must pay out between 83% and 99% of the money they take in. Could it be that a machine that has not given a winner in a while is ready to pay out a jackpot? Since the results are random then logic would suggest that this is not the case but since the machines must make a payout then the odds could be moved slightly to your side.

One quick piece of advice that many players give is that if you want to walk out of the casino with some sort of winnings then you should never put your winnings back into the slot machines. You should play through the money you came with and pocket your winnings throughout the night. Sometimes this is easier said than done especially if you find a slot machine that has been paying out.

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