Today I spent a while looking at mFortune to put together a (hopefully) complete guide to withdrawing your winnings from mFortune.

The withdrawal process really is very simple and transparent but new players may need a helping hand.

You can download, register and start playing of mFortune’s 9 exciting mobile casino games within a matter of minutes. This is down to the high quality software and efficient design used by mFortune; all of their games are made purely for mobiles.

Identity & Age Verification

mFortune is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which means it has to meet a strict set of requirements before it can pay out winnings to players. The aim of these regulations is to make sure you aren’t under 18 or using false details. It’s important to make sure kids aren’t gambling and people aren’t using false details or making fraudulent payments.

Pass age & identity checks before you play:

When you register make sure you fill in your full details including date of birth and postal address. This will enable mFortune to carry out its security checks before you need to withdraw any winnings. Once you have passed the security checks you can play, deposit & withdraw without needing to fill out any more forms.

What are my withdrawal options with mFortune?

Winnings can be paid into your NETeller account, your bank account or by receiving a check via mail.

How do I make a withdrawal?

You can request a withdrawal through your phone in the games main menu screen; just look for the “Banking” option. Or you can go to the mFortune website and click on “My Account” and login using the same details you use to play games (mobile number & chosen PIN).

How long should withdrawals take from mFortune?

If you haven’t filled in your date of birth and correct postal address, you can’t withdraw. So you should do this as soon as you register to avoid feeling like your winnings are being kept from you.

If you won using the free bonus (i.e you have not deposited any money) – your payment will be released after 7 days.

If you won using your deposited funds then you can expect your payment to be made within 2 working days.

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