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On March 23rd 2008 Soraya Lowell became the most successful bingo player in the history of the game. The thirty eight year old cleaner from Hamilton in Lanarkshire won a Platinum Jackpot that netted £1,167,795. This amount set the record for the largest single payout in the history of bingo.

Soraya decided to share her winnings with Agnes O’Neill who has been her neighbor and bingo partner for many years. When Soraya called out that she had the winning numbers the bingo hall in Coatbridge exploded. Soraya says the windfall will not change her and she has vowed to return to work.

Currently she works as a cleaner of office spaces late at night. The sum of money may be enough for her to retire, but the hardworking Lowell will stay at it for now.

There have been several huge bingo pots won in the last couple of years. Christine Bradfield managed to pull down £1.1 millions in January of 2008, but Soraya crested that just a short time later.

It is only a matter of time until someone is able to dethrone Soraya but for now she reigns as the bingo queen of the world. He story is one of friendship and dedication that ends happily. Because of these types of stories millions of people around the world will always make the trek out to the local hall with a few quid and a dream.

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