GamblingFor many, gambling can be a normal and pleasurable way to spend time and have fun. However, a minority of people may develop an addiction to gambling, similar to being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Here are some ways to tell if you are addicted to gambling:

You are constantly preoccupied by gambling. This is when you seem to always have gambling related activities on your mind, such as thinking where to find poker games, where to place sports bets, thinking about how to find money to gamble.

You become withdrawn from activities that do not involve gambling. For example, being frequently absent from work or school, always finding excuses not to spend time with friends and family.

You start having serious financial problems because of your gambling habits. This includes mounting credit card debt, constantly borrowing money from banks, family, friends and co-workers. Also having difficulty paying bills that you should normally have enough money for, such as utility bills, car payments, mortgage payment, etc.

You are having difficulty walking away from gambling. After losing, you feel the need to gamble some more to make up for the amount lost, and after winning, you never seem satisfied with the amount you have won, and want to keep gambling hoping to win more. Whatever the result, you are having more and more trouble to stop gambling.

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